They say “necessity is the mother of invention”

As a lifelong masquerader with a passion for carnival culture, Farrah Chow-Quan the owner of Carnival Kicks created the company out of the need for festival shoes that were not only comfortable but funky enough to match the ornate costumes of the carnival festival in her homeland of Trinidad and Tobago.

Growing up in this twin island paradise and being immersed in the festival / party culture gave Farrah the foundation; it bred a love of vibrant colors, creativity, and a love of music. As life took it’s course and she moved to Miami, Fl the exposure to more cultures, more festivals and more musical varieties really resonated. We know first-hand the excitement of an upcoming festival, the readiness, the preparation and then totally losing yourself in the moment.

To cater to this tribe of free-spirited revelers, Carnival Kicks designs their own line of functional, funky and fabulous shoes. We know what festival-goers need and source products that create that sparkle, that adds to your vibe, and that are also useful while raving, and dancing; whether it’s out in the streets of Port-of-Spain, in the deserts of Burning Man, or on location wherever the need to let loose leads you.

 After all we know that somewhere out there, there's a Carnival, a Music Festival, at any given time of the year! We know what it’s like to lose yourself in the moment and the music. You are our tribe, and our goal is to provide you with quality products, that not only speak to your inner fashion goddess but also provides everything you need to rave on!



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